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Online Classes

Welcome to our Online Program

These sessions are designed for those who would like to keep moving from home! Open to all and inclusive of mobility issues and those with conditions such as Parkinson's.  Gentle seated modified dance for supporting your physical, social and cognitive wellbeing.

You will need - A sturdy chair, room to move, comfortable clothes and some water nearby.

45 minutes exercise and some social time ( 1 hour total ).

Book below - Zoom link sent 1 hour before class each Monday via email

Make a Move Online on Mondays
Make a Move Online on Mondays
Multiple Dates
24 June 2024, 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Make a Move Online Zoom

Safety Disclaimer

By participating in this class, you assume all risks of injury as a result of engaging in any dance activity. Dance4Wellbeing is not responsible for any injury sustained by you during the course of any dance activity.


Before you start dancing, please note:

  1. Ideally, check with your doctor first for a thumbs up.

  2. Check you have a clear space where you can participate with no obstructions; a solid chair .

  3. Check that you have enough room to move your arms. Prepare a water bottle nearby.

  4. If anything causes pain or discomfort, discontinue, or modify/simplify the sequence to suit you. Modifying can include doing the exercise half time, or doing either the arms or legs separately, until you feel ready for the full sequence.

  5. If you feel tired, rest and start again when you feel ready.

  6. Take things at your own pace. 

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